We connect with some students as they are choosing courses for 9th grade and others during their senior year. We meet students where they are in the process.

We meet at our office in Franklin, Michigan and/or online per family preference. We meet after school, during the summer, and on evenings and weekends.

We work with both. We answer questions and explain paths to both parents and students so that family members do not have to communicate every detail to each other. This reduces stress, saves time, and allows the family to remain focused on their common goals.

No! The school counselor plays an important role in your journey.

We will discuss which advisors are available although our offerings are interchangable.

We charge one rate for unlimited support and also can advise at an hourly rate.

We don't screen applicants by college goals so that we get to work with the widest range of students. Our families are each 100% supported in their process. Many students are admitted to highly selective colleges and receive scholarships but, more importantly, all students find their match college and maintain their sense of self throughout the process.

Yes! We help students consider need based and merit based financial opportunities and scholarships. This starts with making sure that the college list includes award opportunities.

First, we offer a complimentary consultation in person, via zoom, or over the phone. At this point, we'll explain our services, discuss fee structure, and answer your questions. You can start the conversation by filling out the form just below. Off we grow...

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