Michigan Transplant, Travel Enthusiast, Proud Parent of Humans and Dogs

Meegan is a true student of colleges. Discovering what makes each college and university unique is her passion. Applying that knowledge to her students is her joy.

Meegan graduated from Colgate University with a BA in English. After earning her M.Ed. from Washington University in St. Louis, she taught English and the essay process at Whitfield School in St. Louis. She could be found hanging out in the college counseling office as she gravitated toward her future career. To achieve that goal, Meegan completed a certificate of College Counseling through UCLA and started advising college bound students in 2017 when she founded Future Plan LLC. Her practice is grounded in common sense college advising that keeps her families aware of all considerations during their process.

Meegan believes that the college discovery process should be a rewarding experience as students explore potential places where they will evolve and experience personal achievement. She sees her role as a navigator ensuring that no option is missed, while making sure her students are prepared for each twist and turn on the pathway that is college admissions.  

As a student of colleges, Meegan actively enjoys membership in national organizations including the Independent Educational Consultants Association and the Higher Education Consultants Association. Each promote education, advocacy and ethics in the admissions process. (Both organizations evaluate members before granting admission.) She tours colleges and attends professional conferences to keep current with admissions practices nationwide. Meegan also belongs to the Michigan Association for College Admission Counseling and has served as a board member. The common interests of counselors, both school and independent, to best serve students, is the source of Meegan's loyalty and interest in membership.

College access and equity are very important for Meegan and each year she pairs with non-profits or companies to counsel students free of charge. She has worked with students through ScholarMatch, Matchlighters and the Collegewise Scholars program. It is fullfilling to help make college possible in the lives of students across the country.

Meegan is a calm, direct and dedicated champion for her students. Through listening, planning and communicating effectively, she nurtures her students through the process. Meegan fosters students' growth as they consider opportunities which encourage self-confidence and excitement about their future.

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